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GFP 2017 Presentations

Global Flood Partnership 2017 Conference – 27- 29 June 2017
Theme: From hazards to impacts
Tuscaloosa (AL)

day 1

presentations presenters  
GFP Intro P. Salamon download pdf (3,2M)
Global flood frequency map P. Matgen download pdf (30M)
Floodwater Depth S. Cohen download pdf (6,7M)
EO from global to regional D. Green download pdf (15M)
Ignite Talks    
Ignite Talks master   download (180K)
Globalfloodforecast A. Weerts download (2,0M)
SmallWater E. Anderson download (4,9M)
GFMS R. Adler/H. Wu download (4,2M)
Probable Max Precip S. Kao download (11M)
Flood mapping risk transfer J. Galantowicz download (4,3M)
GloFAS C. Prudhomme download (3,9M)
GeoHIP H. Robinson download (2,2M)
DB historic Flood Events C. Doyle download (3,6M)
Flood Modeling Framework A. Rajib download (3,1M)
NOAA JPSS Flood Product B. Sjoberg download (3,7M)
Workshop Flash Floods    
Flash Floods J. Gourley download (11M)
Flash Floods Explanation of products C. Baugh download (3M)
Workshop Integration Global Flood Info    
WS Integration Global Flood Info R. Adler/H. Wu download (662K)
WS Integration Global Flood Info R. Blevins download (3,2M)
WS Integration Global Flood Info E. Niebuhr download (744K)
WS Integration Global Flood Info L. Alfieri download (1,3M)


day 2

presentations presenters  
NASA Global Flood Mapping F. Policelli download (3,1M)
Forecast to floodmap J. Nelson download (8,5M)
Impact Based EWS R. Rudari download (14M)
Global proj river flood risk L. Alfieri download (7,7M)
Avoidance Flood Disasters R. Brakenridge download (3,4M)
Intro Doctorpatient A. Kruczkiewicz download (506K)
Brakenridge Slides2 R. Brakenridge download (3,4M)
Ediang GFP 2017 - Day 2 A. Ediang download (5,1)
Workshop EO FloodMapping    
EO Flood mapping A. Kettner/P. Matgen download (1,1M)
EO Flood Mapping summary A. Kettner/P. Matgen download (564K)
Workshop Web Platforms Open Source    
Workshop Web Platforms General   download (395K)


day 3

presentations presenters  
Continental Modeling Flash Floods J. Gourley download (13M)
Global FF Forecasting C. Baugh download (4,8)
HighRes Flood Mapping Reg Cont Scales M. Follum download (13M)
NWC Summer School NWC download (16M)



Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership