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Join us in defining, shaping, and structuring of the Global Flood Partnership.

If you want to be always informed about the latest activities or participate more actively in the Global Flood Partnership, the GFP steering committee has set up a mailing list using Google groups. The global-flood-working-group mailing list is a semi-moderated electronic mail distribution list intended to communicate information between those interested. The mailing list address is global-flood-working-group – at –

NOTE: If you subscribe to the global-flood-working-group mailing list you accept the privacy policy and terms of service of Google.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe
The procedure for subscribing differs depending on whether you want to register your email address with Google or not. Note that registering your email address is not the same as subscribing to a GoogleGroups mailing list.

  1. Register through the email list’s web page if you have a Gmail account or if you’d like to register your non-Gmail account with Google.
  2. Send an email to if you don’t want to register your email address with Google. You’ll receive a confirmation email TO WHICH YOU HAVE TO REPLY! The confirmation email also contains a link, but that leads to the web page where you have to register with Google, i.e. to the option described above.

You may want to check if mailing list messages do not end up in a spam filter!

To UNsubscribe, simply send an email to


Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership