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GFP 2021 Presentations

2021 Virtual Global Flood Partnership Conference - 6, 13, 20, 27 October

day 1

Session 1: Global flood monitoring (EO) - Oct 6th 2021:

presentations presenters YouTube video recording
Urban flood mapping with spaceborne SAR: challenges and opportunities Sang-Ho Yun – Earth Observatory of Singapore / Asian School of the Environment / School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Global Flood Monitoring to Inform High Resolution Local Flood Monitoring Fritz Policelli – NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center
The Global Geo-JPSS Flood Mapping System Sanmei Li – George Mason University
The CEMS global flood monitoring service: From science to operations Wolfgang Wagner -   Earth Observation Data Centre GmbH; Technical University of Vienna

day 2

Session 2: Global flood forecasting - Oct 13th 2021:

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The role of Global Flood Forecasts and models for Humanitarian Action: usability and limitations Leonardo Milano UN-OCHA
From regional to continental-scale hydrological modeling and forecasting in South America Walter Collischonn, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS
GEOGloWS:Using Global Forecasts to Enable Local Decision-Makers Riley Hales, Brigham Young University
Destination Earth and beyond: next steps in global flood forecasting Irina Sandu and Florian Pappenberger, ECMWF
Aristotle, a global expert support to EU Emergency Response Coordination Center Christel Prudhomme, ECMWF

day 3

Session 3: Global flood hazard and risk modeling - Oct 20th 2021:

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Global modelling of tides, storm surges and extreme sea levels with GTSM Martin Verlaan, Deltares/TUDelft
IFRC’s multi-hazard risk and impact-forecasting system Justin Ginnetti, International Federation of Red Cross, IFRC
Simulating low magnitude floods in global flood models Jeff Neal, University of Bristol
Climate & Conflict in Sudan - A compound risk analysis to support anticipatory action and crowdsourced mapping in high-risk areas Cornelia Scholz, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

day 4

Session 4: Flood resilience - Oct 27th 2021:

presentations presenters YouTube video recording
Large scale, forecast based flood inundation mapping in real-time Mark Glaudemans and Derek Giardino, National Weather Service, USA
Challenges in defining the activation criteria and taking decision are considered for early action using GLOFAS, Global Hydrological model, for FbF in Bangladesh Ahmadul Hassan, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre  
Assessing the Role of Global Datasets for Flood Risk Management at National and Catchment Scales Mark Bernhofen, University of Leeds, UK
Integration of flood inundation and socio-demographic vulnerability: a techno-social approach for quantifying household flood risk Paola Passalacqua and Patrick Bixler, Texas University, USA
An Epic Response: Innovative Governance for Flood and Drought Management Ana Nunez Sanchez, Deltares, the Netherlands


Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership