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GFP 2018 Presentations

Global Flood Partnership 2018 Conference – 25 - 27 June 2018
Theme: Bridging the gap between science and users
Delft (Netherlands)



day 1

presentations presenters  
GFP Intro P. Salamon download pdf (2,4M)
Deltares Company profile   download pdf (3,2M)
The application of high resolution satellite derived soil moisture for flood prediction and estimation  J. Schellekens download pdf (5,8M)
A first collective validation of global fluvial flood models for major floods in Nigeria and Mozambique  M. Bernhofen  download pdf (1,8M)
Ignite Talks    
A global network for operational flood risk reduction: The Global Flood Partnership L. Alfieri download pdf (5,3M)
Impact-based flood forecasting J. Beckers, A. Tijssen  download pdf (2,0M)
Floodwater Depth Estimation Tool S. Cohen download pdf (8,0M)
Addressing Compound Floods in Global Flood Modelling D. Eilander download pdf (1,4M)
A multipurpose flood inundation framework for Europe J. Sosa, J. Neal, P. Bates, P Salamon download pdf (2,3M)
Flood Foresight: A pilot project in the Brahmaputra basin in response to the summer 2017 floods B. Revilla-Romero, J. Bevington download pdf (1,8M)
Community mapping for detailed urban flood risk modelling H. Winsemius  download pdf (4,5M)
A Global Stramflow Forecasting Service Derived from GloFAS J. Nelson download pdf (8,9M)
Hurricane Response  A. Tavakoly download pdf (4,7M)
The World Water T. Hermawan download pdf (1,1M)
Scoping for the Operation of Agile Urban Adaptation for Secondary Cities of the Global South T. Pathak download pdf (1,7M)
Workshop Global Flood Hazard    
Sharing and Comparing User Stories   download pdf (687K)
Using global flood risk models in practice   download pdf (1,8M)


day 2

presentations presenters  
SmartFLOOD S. Bagli download pdf (12M)
Global benefits and costs of flood protection P. Ward  download pdf (2,3M)
Spatial Uncertainties in Heavy Precipitation Estimation and its Impacts on Flood Modeling H. Wu download pdf (5,7M)
Flood Monitoring and Agile Response Reducing the Risks of Floods for Society D. Green  download pdf (5,5M)
Workshop Global Satellite-based flood    
Flood Inundation Map Repository   download pdf (1,2M)
Building a Global Flood Observatory   download pdf (1,6M)
Building a Global Flood Observatory    download pdf (2,0M)


day 3

presentations presenters  
New global topography datasets for hydrology / flood modelling D. Yamazaki  download pdf (9,4M)
Linking flood impact forecasting and satellite rapid mapping in Europe F. Dottori, M. Kalas, P. Salamon, A. Wania, I. Rivero download pdf (2,2M)
Decentralized Coordination and Information Sharing in Flood Early Warning and Response V. Nespeca download pdf (1,3M)
Utilizing Flood Inundation Observations to Obtain Floodplain Topography in Data-Scarce Regions for use in a Hydrodynamic Model A. Shastry, M. Durand download pdf (2,2M)
New estimates of flood exposure in developing countries using high-resolution population data J. Neal, A. Smith, C. Sampson, N. Quinn, P. Bates download pdf (5,9M)
Impact of climate change on coastal extreme sealevels M. Verlaan, M. Irazoqui, S. Muis, K. Yan download pdf (5,1M)
GFP Support Service P. Salamon download pdf (1,7M)



Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership