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GFP 2022 Presentations

2022 Global Flood Partnership Conference 6-8 September
Leeds, UK

day 1

Day 1
Presentation title Presenters Link to recording
The Sentinel-1 Global Flood Monitoring system of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service: Evaluation and ensemble approach based on three independent retrieval algorithms Patrick Matgen
The Natural Flood management Manual Emma Wren
An Agent-Based Model for testing the impact of policy options on flood displacement in the IGAD Region: A first implementation in Wad Ramli and Al Gaili  Eleonora Panizza
Building Anticipatory Action Systems for Flash Floods Andrew Kruczkiewicz
GloFAS Next: Towards hyper-resolution flood forecasting at global scale Stefania Grimaldi
Applications of Open-Access Data for Flood risk assessment in the Congo River Basin Gode Bola Bosongo

day 2

Day 2
Presentation title Presenters Link to recording
Large-scale global hydrological models down to field- or local-scale using local or global Data Assimilation Jorge Sanchez Lozano
Malawi Implementation of GEOGloWS Services in a CBFEWS Jim Nelson
Water and Disasters Tools and Development across the SERVIR program and lessons-learned within the Hindu Kush Himalayan region Lori Schultz
Google Climate Resiliency Project Umor Gift

day 3

Day 3
Presentation title Presenters Link to recording
Flood mapping and potential flood shelter suitability mapping for disaster risk mitigation in Bangladesh using geospatial technology Kabir Uddin
Green infrastructure to mitigate urban flooding: The case of Tucson, AZ Adriana Alejandra Zuniga
Assessment of water security risks in river basins Carolina Montoya Pachongo
FABDEM - A 30m global terrain map and its use in flood applications Laurence Hawker
From the Mountains to the Sea: Development of the National Water Model Graeme Aggett
Trans-boundary Flood Resilience Project - LWR's 10 years Experiences Sharing Narayan Gyawali
Understanding flood risks and empowering communities: Flood Insurance and AWARE Solutions Amamath Giriraj
Global data to understand refugee camp flood exposure in Ethiopia Mark Bernhofen
The development of a transparent European flood catastrophe model Hessel Winsemius


Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership