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Apr 2023

Co-designing a flood inundation forecasting product

A presentation showing the proposed flood inundation product

We at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology are building a new flood product!

As part of a new project on Digital Twin Earth, we are building a Disaster Resilience Demonstrator for LSA supported by ESA. The proof of concept project aims to demonstrate the potential of such a system for Luxembourg, to deal with flood disasters through early warning and improved preparedness, with the goal of producing globally relevant products. 

For this, we propose to combine two data streams from the Copernicus Emergency Management System (CEMS), namely the Global Flood Mapping Service (GFMS) and the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS). By combining GFMS and GloFAS through data assimilation, we want to enable 30-day ahead forecasting of inundation maps. 

In this context, we would like to solicit feedback from the user and stakeholder community, and that is where you come in. Your valuable feedback will be crucial to inform our global product design, and to ensure its utility to the stakeholder communities.

Thus, please consider taking 10-15 mins of your time to help shape the future of global flood inundation forecasting by filling out the survey linked below!

If you would like to be more involved in the design phase, please also consider providing your contact information for a 30 minute one-on-one interview, where we can have a more detailed discussion of your product needs.

Feel free to reach out to our team at antara.dasgupta/, we will be more than happy to receive your comments or to answer your questions. 


Starting time: Wed, 04/19/2023 - 00:00
Ending time: Mon, 05/22/2023 - 00:00


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