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January 11, 2022

Changes in the GFP Steering Committee

New Members of the GFP Steering Committee:

We would like to welcome Lara Prades (World Food Program), Beth Tellman (Cloud2Street/University of Arizona) and Frederiek Sperna Weiland (Deltares) as new members of the GFP Steering Committee. Furthermore, we would also like to thank Ana Prados (NASA/UMBC) and Albrecht Weerts (Deltares), that have decided to step down as members of the GFP Steering Committee, for their efforts and dedication in the last years to keep the GFP an active and growing community that brings together scientists and users of global flood risk tools.

New Chair of the GFP Steering Committee:

Albert Kettner (Dartmouth Flood Observatory) has been voted unanimously to become the next chair of the GFP Steering Committee as a successor of Peter Salamon (European Commission).


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