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A collection of meetings, conferences and other events organized by members of the GFP or where the GFP is represented.

Oct 2021

GFP Virtual Conference 2021

The GFP Virtual Conference 2021 is now open for registration! Similar to last year we will have four web sessions on Oct 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

Each session will last for two hours with four keynote presentations followed by a moderated question and discussion session.

The sessions start as follows:

October 6th 3-5 pm (UTC+2): Session 1 - Global Flood Monitoring (EO)

October 13 5-7 pm (UTC+2): Session 2 - Global Flood Forecasting
October 20 5-7 pm (UTC+2): Session 3 - Global Flood hazard and risk modeling
October 27 3-5 pm (UTC+2): Session 4 - Flood Resilience

Session "Global Flood Monitoring (EO)" on 6 October:

Session description: Despite much effort, monitoring floods and how floods evolve over time and space, is still a major challenge. This
GFP session aims to review state-of-the-art in Earth Observations of flood methodologies and uncertainty
assessments at different temporal and spatial scales. New findings on flood data fusion of various data sources
(satellites, ground observations, drones), discussions on experimental to (semi) operational EO flood systems, and
how best to provide flood information to the various end-users is of interest as well.

Session conveners: Sagy Cohen and Albert Kettner


Urban flood mapping with spaceborne SAR: challenges and opportunities
Sang-Ho Yun – Earth Observatory of Singapore / Asian School of the Environment / School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

Global Flood Monitoring to Inform High Resolution Local Flood Monitoring
Fritz Policelli – NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

The Global Geo-JPSS Flood Mapping System
Sanmei Li – George Mason University

The CEMS global flood monitoring service: From science to operations
Wolfgang Wagner -   Earth Observation Data Centre GmbH; Technical University of Vienna


Session "Global Flood Forecasting" on 13 October 2021. Please note that this session will start a bit later from 5 - 7 PM CET (UTC+2).

Session description: 

Global flood forecasting systems are an essential tool for improving flood risk management as they provide important complementary information through harmonized and river basin-wide predictions to a wide range of stakeholders from local to national authorities to international aid organizations. However, producing accurate and reliable forecasts globally, assimilating information from satellites or real-time observation networks, integrating impact forecasts or providing user-friendly visualization products that enable better decision-making are only a few of the challenges in global flood forecasting with different lead times. This GFP session aims to present and review the latest developments, new approaches and datasets in the field of global flood forecasting.

Session conveners: Peter Salamon and Roberto Rudari


The role of Global Flood Forecasts and models for Humanitarian Action: usability and limitations

Leonardo Milano UN-OCHA

From regional to continental-scale hydrological modeling and forecasting in South America

Walter Collischonn, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS

GEOGloWS:Using Global Forecasts to Enable Local Decision-Makers

Riley Hales, Brigham Young University

Destination Earth and beyond: next steps in global flood forecasting

Irina Sandu and Florian Pappenberger, ECMWF

Aristotle, a global expert support to EU Emergency Response Coordination Center

Christel Prudhomme, ECMWF


Upcoming sessions

October 20 5-7 pm (UTC+2): Session 3 - Global Flood hazard and risk modeling (register)
October 27 3-5 pm (UTC+2): Session 4 - Flood Resilience (register)

We hope to see many of you !

The GFP Steering Committee


Starting time: Wed, 10/06/2021 - 15:00
Ending time: Wed, 10/06/2021 - 15:00
City: Online


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