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February 28, 2019

Update of the Global Flood Partnership Support Service

Updated GFP Support Service

The GFP Support Service aims to connect scientist/developers of global flood risk management tools and models with practitioners and decision makers. For this purpose participants of the GFP mailing list could request the support of the GFP in the case of a forecasted or ongoing large flood event by simply sending an email to the mailing list and GFP participants would provide data or advice with regard to this flood event.

We have now updated the GFP website with clear guidelines and examples of how to activate and use the GFP Support Service. Check it out here:

We hope that this will help you to activate and to contribute to the GFP Support Service!

Global Floods Partnership Steering Committee,

Peter Salamon, Albert Kettner, Albrecht Weerts, Erin Coughlan, Mark Trigg, Roberto Rudari, Ana Prados, Sagy Cohen, Huan Wu


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