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February 6, 2019

GFP becomes a partner in the new GCRF Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub

Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub

We are pleased to announce that the Global Flood Partnership has become an official support Partner in the new Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub. The £17.7 million Water Hub is part of an ambitious new initiative established by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). The new scheme will invest £200 million across 12 global research hubs to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The Water Hub will be led by Newcastle University, in partnership with the University of Leeds and the University of Oxford. The hub is an international partnership of 55 organisations from 12 countries includes collaborators from Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Malaysia.

The start date of the hub will be March 2019, for a duration of 5 years.

The Global Flood Partnership is supporting the initiative by connecting the hub with its growing international water risk network, through the more than 90 organisations that are represented during the GFP Annual Meetings. The GFP members will also be able to support the initiative with cutting-edge scientific outputs, application research, and by sharing flood management approaches used globally. The GFP focus will be on making global approaches and data applicable at the local scale, and also feeding back local experience into global initiatives.

Read more about the hubs, including the new Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub here:


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