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December 20, 2017

The Global Flood Partnership Conference 2017 - summary & outcomes document is now available

The summary of the Global Flood Partnership 2017 conference and the main outcomes are now available here view link.
We would like to acknowledge the contributions from the conference participants and their organizations, and especially the logistic and organisational support provided by the University of Alabama as well as the financial support from the NOAA Office of Water Prediction in collaboration with UCAR/COMET and the University of Alabama.

Global Floods Partnership Steering Committee,
Peter Salamon 
Bob Brakenridge 
Albrecht Weerts
Erin Coughlan 
Mark Trigg 
Roberto Rudari  
Ana Prados 
Sagy Cohen
Huan Wu



Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership