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Sep 2017
Leeds, UK

Special session on Global Flood Models at the ICFM7

Mark Trigg (University of Leeds) will co-chair a Special Session at the Seventh International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM7) together with Jeffrey Neal (University of Bristol) and Philip Ward (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). The session is entitled "Global Flood Models: From theory to practice"

Global Flood Models (GFMs) are now a practical reality and their outputs are being actively used for flood hazard mapping as well as flood early warning. The use of these models is particularly attractive in contexts where application of traditional flood management modelling methods would be challenging due to lack of data, or scale and access issues. For many of the models, especially those associated with the Global Flood Partnership, outputs are freely available and they also offer a consistent approach across multiple global regions, which is of great interest to international and national organisations. However, with all new methods and data come a host of application opportunities and challenges. This session will explore this exciting nascent field and abstracts are invited from those involved with all aspects of the development and application of GFMs to the field of flood risk management.

More information on the ICFM7 website:


Starting time: Tue, 09/05/2017 - 09:00
Ending time: Thu, 09/07/2017 - 18:00
City: Leeds, UK
Address: University of Leeds


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