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December 13, 2022

Join the GFP steering committee! (CLOSED)

The GFP wants to expand its steering committee and we are looking for two key voices:

1. An Early Career Member (someone who is within 5 years of graduating their last degree and is not in a tenure track professor job! could be a student, postdoc, or early career professional).

2. A member from the Global South. This can be at any career level.

We are going to hold an open nomination and voting process.

Nominations will be accepted from now until December 15 2023, and we will hold an open vote from January 15-31 to elect our two new members. Nominated members will be asked if they wish to participate, and write a description of why they would like to do so by January 12 to include on the ballet. It is possible to nominate yourself!

Submit the nominations using this link:

Below are the roles and the time commitment of joining this committee. 

Duties and responsibilities of a GFP Steering Committee member:

- Help organize the Global Flood Partnership annual meetings
- Act on behalf of GFP as Interface with the relevant international frameworks, communities and groups such as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Community of Earth Observing Satellites (CEOS), Group on Earth Observing System of Systems (GEO), Sustainable Development Goals and others.
- Where possible, reach out to e.g. flood risk management stakeholders by seeking the participation in dialogues, meetings, and fora of such stakeholders
- Support research contributing to the aims of the GFP through support letters
- Help ensure that commitments, e.g. made during the annual GFP meetings are put in practice

See the official link to the steering committee terms of reference for more: 

Typical time commitment of a steering committee member:

- It is expected that Steering Committee members attend online once a month the GFP Steering Committee meetings (max. 1.5hrs/month, including preparations)

- It is encouraged to attend in person once a year the GFP annual meeting (5-days/year, including travels + preparations)

- Expect to carry out tasks to support the GFP community (~2-3hrs/month).

- If a GFP Steering Committee member is hosting a GFP annual meeting: ensure to reserve 3-5 weeks of time for organizing and hosting (other members will support).


- this is a volunteer position, but you can add it in the service section of your CV

-visible online recognition of your leadership and service internationally to the flood community

-network with top scientists and practitioners in your field from around the world

-help make a case for a raise or promotion at your job (this actually happened to one steering committee member!)

Thanks for your consideration! We are excited to add new voices to shape our community!

The GFP Steering Committee



Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership